Carnivorous Tales of Desire: Raw Hunger Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Carnivorous Tales of Desire: Raw Hunger

Carnivorous Tales of Desire: Raw Hunger

Steamy Stories


Author : Heidi Fedor

Publisher : rnovel365


What evil still lurks in the hearts of most men, or in this case--mythical creatures? Once again, amorous lust, desire, and obsession are what drives these seductively dark mythological beings to possess the reluctant objects of their affections. As usual the human brides they seek belong to them, and only them. They will stop at nothing to make these fair maiden theirs. Even if it means resorting to abduction, seduction, murder, or even disregarding their chosen objects of desire's own free will. Nothing will stop them from claiming the passionate love that they seek. Another complication of dark erotic stories of love, desire, passion, obsession, and even horror with supernatural and fantasy elements to fulfill your darkest desires. These seductive monsters are every man's nightmares, and every woman's fantasy. 18 +. A sequel to Carnivorous Tales of Desire: Insatiable Appetites. You do not have to read the first book, to understand this one. MORE