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Courtroom VS Bedroom

Courtroom VS Bedroom



Author : jollreaderjennell

Publisher : rnovel365


I took a sip of my drink and then felt a presence beside me and I turn to look. "You don't give up do you," I stated. "No, I don't. You look like you need some company" He mocked. "Well, I don't." I reach for my purse in my bag and took out $35 dollars. "Hey, Steve, here's my bill. Keep the change." I smile as I place the money on the counter for the bartender to take it up. I turn back to my unwanted stalker. "I'm going home." "To an empty bed?" "No to my dog and her puppies." "So much better company than talking to me, I guess." "Oh, yeah. So much better." He shakes his head. "You have a great night," I said standing up from the stool. "How can I when you're not coming home with me?" he smirks. "If you look around there are many single, desperate woman ready to take your offer." "I don't want a single, desperate woman." "Well lucky for you, they are married women here as well." MORE