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Damien's Distraction

Damien's Distraction



Author : PearlMurphy

Publisher : rnovel365


Meet October Obiakor; The Nigerian spoilt child born into a rich family with no aim for her future. She was okay with it and she believed that her life was going smoothly but then 'he' had to come along. Her father forced her to marry Damien Ekwegh, the wealthy annoying woman flirt as she would call him. She made a huge mistake as she leaves him on the altar. Damien Ekwegh He promised to make her pay for the humiliation she caused him. Years after, he is dating Jessica Eburuche and October has to work for him. ____________________ "Jessica!"October yelled as she walked towards Jessica and Damien angrily with Aaron and Kcee behind her, trying to call her back. "Oh, here she is."Jessica said to Damien who was beside her and smirked. Just as October reached them,she rose her hand to slap Jessica accross her face when she heard Damien's voice. "Do it,"he started "And you're fired." MORE