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Author : darkshadow13o11

Publisher : rnovel365


One dark day and that is something that changed everything for Kristen bells. It wasn't like she had a perfect life but slowly and eventually she felt in love with her Best friend’s brother. In a love that’s slowly consumed her and made Her believe that life could be beautiful too. But the truth was life wasn't so beautiful for her. For an orphan girl who dared to fall in love with a mafia leader. Things Weren't perfect but they were enough for her, but the destiny had something else planned. Everything turns upside down when one day the only Person she ever felt in love with doesn't Trust her. She begs him to hear her out just once, but he won't bother as he points the gun right at her head. What could be worse than having the only person you love being ready to kill you Unable to bear the pain they fall apart... But is this the end or is this the beginning of A new journey. MORE