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Down Hearted

Down Hearted



Author : Aishayuh M

Publisher : rnovel365


Through the cruise of love; there tends to be desolations, heartbreaks, and painful detriments. But if there was true ardour; the beholder of the love would persevere in the face of the grudges, the heart scourging pains, and pertubs. She was a chivalrous lady, whom was heartbroken and vowed not to fall in love again. He was an introvert; whom seldom talk, nor could he envisage himself in love. They became acquaintanced, intimate friends, and finally deviate into inseparable lovers. Promises were made, altruism was clearly avowed, and a future was planned. Upon the series of heart spasm, the etching wounds, scourging pains, and the perforating heartbreaks that could crucify the hearts. Would they grapple the pains and make something out of their adulation? _____ It would be a roller coster ride, with series of heartbreaks, betrayals, and heart squirming pains. Just tag along, as I tell you the story of the consolidated lovers. Ayshatou. MORE