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Dramatical Murder

Dramatical Murder



Author : Mystic Fox

Publisher : rnovel365


Akira Amaterasu was a young street girl, who lost everything about her and was left alone to fend for herself. Her longing to interact with people drew her to play VR games. Of course, her consistent playing has caused her to gain more experience and become one of most formidable VR game players. Until one day, she's attacked by some other players, who took off all safety protocols, defeated her, and left her for dead in an alley. As she contemplates on her life, she is unexpectedly saved by a young man called Aoba Seragaki. A year later, Akira has been able to put her life back together and live a more peaceful one with Aoba, his grandmother, Tae, and their Allmates, Saki and Ren. However, their life comes to a sudden change as they learn of something stirring some rumors of a legendary gang called Morphine and people begin to go missing. After the gang, Dry Juice, all go missing, Aoba and Akira learn that they are linked together by special abilities, Aoba's being a power called Scrap, an ability that allows him to enter the minds of others and either help or destroy them, and Akira's having premonitions, which allow her to prevent the outcomes of tragedies or injuries from occurring, as well as being able to protect a person's unconscious mind as Aoba uses Scrap on them. Together, Akira, Aoba, Ren, Aoba's childhood friend, Koujaku, and their new friends, Noiz, Clear, and Mink must go to the Platinum Jail resort and find the one that threatens to brainwash everyone on Midorijima Island and turn them into mindless puppets. MORE