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Emperor's Pampered Cannon Fodder

Emperor's Pampered Cannon Fodder



Author : Itstahi

Publisher : rnovel365


Being a modern carefree girl,Gongsun Li couldn't accept her fate as a cannon fodder concubine when she was transmigrated into a novel.So she decided to divorce the emperor and live a carefree life..?????? But why getting a divorce from the icy emperor is so hard????? Snippets: Gongsun Li was actually sleeping like a pig.. A warm smile appeared in Zhu Zhen's face as he wrapped his arms around her tiny figure and pulled her closer ever so gently.. Finding a sudden warmth,G.Li snuggled closer to the source in her deep slumber..she was so obediently lying in his arms..neither struggling nor cursing...Zhu Zhen wanted to stop the flow of time..then and there.. "Silly stubborn wife,Why wouldn't you obediently lie in my arms everynight?why wouldn't you let me always hold you like this?", he whispered his complaints while nuzzling his nose in her hair... Suppressing the lump formed in his throat with a bitter smile he murmured, "Only if you would let me..... Then I wouldn't be so desperate, Then I wouldn't be so hurt....." MORE