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Author : Anton Pan

Publisher : rnovel365


Entrapped Thriller novel by Anton Pan Translator from Afrikaans Gert van Jaarsveld Introduction Chloe, and Isaac, the man who has become the most important in her life, is powerless in the hands of a sadistic devil. Are they going to survive? Chloe must go back in time and try to unravel whoever behind the scenes is destroying their family lives. Experience with Chloe the total disruption of her life during the few past weeks. She meets interesting people, overcomes desperate situations and tries to explain the inexplicable. She doesn’t trust her senses anymore and is looking for lost answers before she came into the hands of the phantoms that sit behind everything. She is now captured and will soon discover whether her special private detective, Hunter, will save them and explain everything. It reads like a mixture of a thrilling detective story with supernatural turns and a psychological thriller all in one. 51 chapters 94150 words MORE