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Flames to Dust

Flames to Dust



Author : Oyiza

Publisher : rnovel365


The story is set in present London and is about a 17-year-old girl called Rose and 19-year-old boy Adeiza. Rose is young, lost and alone and many readers will find themselves in her because the story is set in the modern world with modern problems. Rose finally finds someone that understands her after she left her foster family due to cruel treatment. But even the person she builds a connection with, Adeiza, seems to slowly give in to the negativity of the world, which leaves Rose with the same agony she felt before she found him. They uncover each other’s secrets, good and bad yet still fight for the relationship to stay as solid as metal, but the universe seems to have it out for them as the metal is slowly dissolved by the world’s acid. Rose’s and Adeiza’s mental states switch- Rose takes on Adeiza’s qualities and mindset while Adeiza adapts Rose’s, which allows the reader to learn the difference between these two but also find the links. At the end, Rose finds out if her and Adeiza’s “friendship” is worth it and if they can handle each other’s faults. Will they end up together, stay as friends or completely grow apart? Read on, and you’ll find out. MORE