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Flying Colors

Flying Colors



Author : Chyler Deatherage

Publisher : rnovel365


There are five kingdoms, the demons, the elves, the humans, the nymphs, and the were-creatures. One day a demon with hair and skin as dark as the night sky and eyes as red as rubies split the five lands and created strife between them. War broke out between the borders of these lands and the only way that it is said that they can be mended again is by five people of the five kingdoms who can find the good and evil in everyone. One day these five heroes will unite and save the kingdoms. Some may fall and some may rise, it all depends on which path they take. Maximus Liam, Max, a seventeen-year-old werewolf finds he has some mysterious powers while at Ushio High School. He leaves the only home he has ever known and sets off with his best friend, Clover, a seventeen-year-old elf, to find out what these powers mean. He meets new friends and Lady Nefare Dragos a power-hungry empress who rules over the human kingdom, Humlik. Lady Nefare wants the power that Max and his friends posses for herself, and she will stop at nothing to take it. MORE