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Author : Lubna Shaikh

Publisher : rnovel365


Lucifer is a heartless gangster, and a drug lord. He is a killing machine and he does not think twice before pulling the trigger of his gun. Norah Fernandes is the daughter of a famous business tycoon - Vivian Fernandes Though she was given everything on a silver platter, she was not given tender, love, and care which she actually needed. She got astray, started to smoke and consumed alcohol too. One day she went to a yacht party, where she witnessed 'The Silent Assassin' who was a mafia gang killing a man. Due to which she got kidnapped by them and was taken to their world. What will happen when Lucifer and Norah will meet each other? What will happen when a ruthless gangster falls in love with Norah? What will happen when he will love and pamper her, which Norah always wanted? But the life of a gangster's is not that simple! Are you excited to know the journey of Norah in the crime world, which is going to be full of suspense thriller and a bit emotional. MORE