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Author : Miss1Extinct

Publisher : rnovel365


Welcome to Project M! 《SINGLE PLAYER》 Multiple Players Single player selected! Loading 10% Loading 25% Łoadįng 50% Lœding 75% Loæđįng---ƏRRŒR ƏRRŒR €RŘŒŘ #ł đəţected Procəed wiţh cæuţiøn ~ Young adult Hannah Nichol is hired as a beta tester and programmer at Altech Gaming and Programming. On her first day and while beta testing her first video game, she discovers a secret video game hidden away behind the walls. She's prompted to play it and manages to get "sucked into" the game itself. She only has three days to find a way out, or she'll become one with the game and will never be able to escape. She has to find an escape while also uncovering the game's secrets and hiding away from the game's main antagonist. MORE