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Guns and Roses

Guns and Roses



Author : tokyyo25

Publisher : rnovel365


"Don't fucking tell me what to do what not to do! Let him go or else" He points his gun at Reyna who is standing with Sungho. "I'll shoot her" He says looking at Athena. "Put your gun down or else I'll blow his brains out!" Athena says pointing her gun at his brother who's still senseless under her feet. The guy starts walking towards her and grabs her waist pulling her away from his brother. "Do you think I'm scared of guns huh!!" He says pressuring her waist with his grip. "Fucking don't touch me like that or I'll shoot you!!" She yells pointing her gun on his lower stomach. "Shoot me baby girl." He says smirking and licks her neck. Athena’s mind goes blank; never in her life had a guy touched her like this, without her permission. "Fucking don't touch me!!" She yells and steps on his foot with her heel. "You're feisty and I like it wild kitty." He licks his lips. She clenches her jaw looking at him with disgust and disbelief. "Get lost with your brother and trust me next time I'll shoot him first and then I'll torture you to death." She says and walks to her car gesturing her men to follow her. "I'm Ares Choi and we'll surely meet again Athena." He says standing there with a devilish smirk on his face. "Ares Choi!! How did he know my name? I feel like punching the smirk out of his face" She thinks and starts driving. MORE