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Habibti (My Love)

Habibti (My Love)



Author : Maya898

Publisher : rnovel365


Izamil, a country torn in war and its people oppressed by their dictator. A life which was miserable where the seeds of hope had no rain of opportunities for there prevailed the dark reign of the dictator which cursed the country into a forever famine... Meet Dr. Zoya who has witnessed the death of her parents at a very young age by the dictator and there was nothing she could do to stop their execution. Her life, along with all the citizens of Izamil were sentenced to live under the shadow of their dictator Xavier and disobeying the great leader would mean death. These tough situations in her life shaped her to pursue a profession in medicine which she takes pride in as her plan was to flee the country once she gets deployed at the international boarder but, her dreams are crushed as her fate had other plans... Meet Captain Eric Blackmore, the strict and disciplined officer and Captain of the U.N's Eagle squadron. He is a dedicated officer and a peace loving person whose major ambition in life is to bring peace in this world. His dreams and goals have always made me go places to pursue his ultimate ambition in life which is world peace. ----------------------------------------------------- "You know you love me and I'm going to make you mine no matter what Zoya" Said Eric as he caged me between his well built body and the wall as I stood still. "This love is not what I want" I said "Watch me darling, no matter how much you try and fight me, you are going to end up with me" He said as he leaned on my neck ----------------------------------------------------- What happens when Dr. Zoya and Captain Eric's fates cross paths... What would happen in a country like Izamil where two strangers being to fall in love... This is no ordinary love story for Dr. Zoya and Captain Eric's Love is bound to emerge but will it survive the wrath of the dictator? Will a country like Izamil ever taste freedom? Read on to know more.... MORE