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Hate To Love You - II

Hate To Love You - II



Author : tokyyo25

Publisher : rnovel365


After making the coffee I walk back to his cabin and knock on the door and walk in. I see him keeping his eyes on the laptop screen. I walk to his side slowly and place the cup on the desk in front of him. As I was about to walk away my damn heel snaps making me trip and fall on my boss. Yes my boss, I fall on him with my ass on his lap and my hands holding his collar who were trying to grip something so that I don't fall down completely. I guess falling down completely on the floor was better than this. He closes his eyes and clenches his jaw "GET UP!" He yells all of a sudden. I jump off him as fast as possible and stand up properly and bow to him multiple times. "I'm sorry sir, my heel..." he cuts me off "Don't you fucking dare wear heels in my office again!" He says hitting the desk with his fist making the coffee spill on the desk. I quickly take some tissue paper and wipe the spilled coffee. "I'm sorry sir it won't happen again but you can't take away the liberty of what type of shoes I'll wear just because of a minor mistake." I say in a calm apologetic tone. He stands up from his chair and walks towards me. I look at him walking to me and stand in my position. He keeps walking glaring at me, I automatically feel myself backing away. I keep backing away until my back hits the wall. He punches the wall beside my head blocking me. "You obey my orders, you get it?" He says in a growling tone. MORE