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Author : JMFelic

Publisher : rnovel365


"I want you. Yield to me..." he announced again, this time pinning her down the sofa. Lianne's eyes stared deep into the core of his flaming gaze. She saw something there. Something that wanted her more than anything else. She shuddered as he began to caress her trembling hand. Shaking her head, she opened her mouth to express her disagreement, but before she could voice it out, her senses jumped anew as she heard a long knock on the main door. The sound surely made Ruen stop and quickly, awareness collided inside him upon seeing, this time clearly, the princess' wet eyes. "My great apologies, Your Highness, but it is of a must that I inform you of your current meeting with the Council. Truly, they have grown to think you are slacking in your responsibilities." "Jared," the King gave out a long sigh. Even without looking at the source of the voice, he knew already it was his most loyal butler. "If it isn't your timing impeccable." ~ 0 ~ When all is left in ruins, how would a princess live being held captive inside the mansion of her most hated captor? Her freedom all denied, true. But, not her will and heart.... Genre: Fantasy-Royalty, Historical Romance, Mystery All Rights Reserved JMFelic Books 2020 MORE