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Author : JMFelic

Publisher : rnovel365


"Find me in your dreams." My eyes widened as he quickly reached out and pulled me against his chest, his hands wrapping my waist like a snake. I was trapped. "It hurts me to know that you are being touched by another man other than me, Lianne. You find his kisses pleasurable? I will show you what a real kiss is." With those words out, my mind went blank. I stiffened. I couldn't do anything when his face inched nearer. I couldn't explain the feeling when our lips touched, but I honestly thought I was in euphoria. His lips massaged mine with finesse and oh, I didn't care less if I was breathing or not. Despite my surprise, I reciprocated it, sparred my tongue with his and traced his perfect jawline with my hands. I can't explain it, but there was this longing feeling inside me. A longing I can't deny myself. The moment he first kissed me in my apartment, I honestly wanted more. Was that even our first kiss? Or had he kissed me so many times before just like my dreams had numerously suggested to me? *** A sequel to HER MAJESTY'S PRISON. All Rights Reserved JMFelic Books 2020 MORE