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Her Monster

Her Monster



Author : Hina shiekh

Publisher : rnovel365


a vampire /werewolf story Andy sat with Ternence "can you let her go ?"she asked on a whisper . Ternence looked in her eyes , the look of pain in his eyes gave the answer "you think i can ? I wasnt able to avoid her , even before knowing that she is mine , how will i now , her scent called to me like nothing else .the mere second i basked in it was the best moments of my life . I didnt regret my being in that moments ."Ternence said . "Decision is yours to make , think about every aspect carefully "adira left after saying it . --------------- This is the story about painful , heartwrenchi ng , admirable , sweet love . Continue to read to find out whether Ternence's girl would be able to survive him , his life or not. MORE