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Author : darkshadow13o11

Publisher : rnovel365


"WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?" He shouted furiously. His eyes rimmed red at the verge of losing control and as the scene unfolds everyone watches her in horror for her fate but no one dares to speak. Andrea looks at her with sympathy but didn't dare utter a word to her brother, she knew better than to mess with him when he was that pissed. She stood there all in her glory as she pops a French fries in her mouth and gives him a blank stare before licking off the peri peri taste off her lips and nodding in appreciation. "Went to get some food" she answers taking her time. Well and that does it as he saluters towards her like a monster, ready to punish. He roughly grabs her hands and starts to pull her without a word. "Romano!! ROMANO!! What the hell ?? Leave me?" She shouts protesting and turns to Andrea who looks down in fear unable to help her out. As her protests increase, he roughly picks her up in bridal style and marches angrily. She knows she has messed bad time when he marches to the other side of the staircase indicating his room. He angrily kicks the door open and closes it down with a bang before putting her down and shoving her roughly in the door. "Roma.." before she could complete he cuts her off. "Not a word Thia" he grits out at her, who looks shocked that he didn't call her Ms. Parks. "Why the fuck do I find you out when I specifically told you to stay in??" He grunts. "I was hungry ok?" She growls backs and on the record his eyes fall on her lips, having some of the sausage still on it as his brain desperately wants a taste. "Do you realise that you could have gotten hurt?" He asks calmly. "I know I could have died and I take responsibilities for my actions completely" She replies equally stubborn. Well that ticks him off the most, He couldn't accept it but he even hates the possibility of her getting hurt. The girl didn't value her life but for some unknown reasons he did. And now that he had finally come to terms with his feeling, she wasn't leaving him. He wouldn't feel the way he felt when he looked at all those dead bodies every second scared and praying that she isn't one of them, again. She was chained to him forever. The next thing she knows is he brutally slammed his lips on to hers as he breaths on to her like she was his oxygen. She tries to push him but he holds her hands in his grip and slams his lips onto hers with even more intensity. His tongue slides off her lips tasting the peri peri sausage and he grunts in appreciation. When he finally stops not because he wants to cause he was dying to do this forever but because she needs oxygen. She greedily gulps on the oxygen before shooting him a glare. "Roma.." but he cuts her off yet again pushing himself more on to her as he huskily whispers in her ear. "Alexandro" he tells her nibbling on her ear lobe as she holds a moan. Turning he looks straight into her eyes and speaks "Be ready to be mine Regina!" He smirks. "I am no o.." she starts but he cuts her off thrice the very day. "It wasn't a question amore" he laughs before storming off. "Bipolar jerk" she shouts until she hears the door locked and her eyes widens knowing that she probably is stuck in his room, unknown to the fact that when he decides something is his, then it's his. Alexandro Romano, wasn't just a name but a brand in itself. Born in the most ancient and powerful royal family of a country where royals still prevailed over the government, his friendship could make your life but his enmity could destroy your complete existence. What happens when a man with perfection meets a reckless girl. She bangs into his life like a big surprise and one thing about Alexandro is that he hates surprises. MORE