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His Everything

His Everything



Author : HINA

Publisher : rnovel365


CHILDHOOD LOVE SERIES BOOK 1 (Sweet romance ) ASFAND JAHANGIR (age 27) a hard core bussiness man , who loves his doll alot .he cant even see a tear in her eye.what happens, when he will be forced to hurt her? AAMIYA JAHANGIR (age 19) a cute bubbly , loving girl.but she could be a brat also, when she decided to be .loved by everyone .she cant stay without asfi . ---------- Aamiya had gone inside , she was sitting in the lounge area, when asfand entered.he took a seat beside her . He was not showing his emotions " did you gave your number to ahmad ?" Asfand asked not looking at her . " no, not yet " aamiya said turning towards him. " but , i like him . I like him alot " aamiya said . When asfand turned towards her, she could see the hurt evident in his eyes . " you cant " asfand said to himself and got up. Aamiya also got up behind him and stopped him from moving by helding his head " why?" Aamiya asked . " why cant i ? What is it that i dont know ?" Aamiya shouted at last . Asfand turned towards her and held her by shoulders " because you are my wife " . (Assalam ualaikum friends! a new story for my lovely readers .hope that you all like it .) MORE