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His Heart

His Heart



Author : Hina shiekh

Publisher : rnovel365


CHILDHOOD LOVE SERIES BOOK 2 It can be read as a standalone . "Do you even care for me? " the girl said with fire in her eyes . Armaan kept standing there, not knowing what to say ." Your mom wants us to marry !!! Is this what i have to go through everyday? " the girl shouted in anger. " you are over reacting" armaan said in a calm tone. " i am over reacting? Am i?!!!! Your heart is so full of her, theres so space for anyone else !stop making a fool out of everyone and see whats inside you ."the girl said and turned to leave. " i care for you " armaan said . The girl stopped in her track and turned " yes you do ! But as nothing more than a friend !!! Open your eyes before you end up hurting yourself and her " she said and left .armaan closed his eyes , shooking his head . " its not the truth....i cant love her like that ...i cant " he said and punched the wall in anger. this is the story of armaan malik and aria noor .how their relationship change with time, how armaan's love will change with time , how it will effect Aria? (ASSALAM UALAIKUM READERS! hope that you will love this story ) MORE