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His One and Only

His One and Only



Author : Viktoriya Solovyova

Publisher : rnovel365


"What makes you think I'll let you leave?" he asked and took a step towards me. "Because I'm not into guys?" "Well then why did you date your ex-boyfriend?" he asked and I froze at the mention of my ex. "Because ...uhhmm...I-I," My ex was a touchy subject. "You can't fool me, Bella," He said and rolled his eyes. "I already fooled you," "How?" "Well for starters, you looked like you believed me when I first told you," I said with a proud grin on my face while he rolled his eyes but I couldn't help but notice the small smile on his lips. "Where were you anyway?" he asked. "In the storage room," "What were you doing there?" he asked. "Masturbating," * * * Bella Parker is your bright, crazy, and brave eighteen-year-old teenager who runs away after overhearing a conversation about something that makes the hairs on her back raise and her bad past come rushing back. Declan Stone is one of the strongest Alphas who roams the earth. They say he's unbeatable and his pack is the strongest of all, they say he knows who his mate is but doesn't want to bring her into this life. What happens when Bella is pushed into the supernatural world with lies that her dead mother kept from her. What happens when she's not as humane as she thought she was? Read at least three chapters to decide whether you like it or nah because it gets so much better! MORE