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Author : Darkshadow13o11

Publisher : rnovel365


A part of her hurt as she slashed yet another wolf's throat. A part of her that she had locked away years ago, a part of her that her father had told her to burry deep inside if not to kill it. "This is the choice our ancestors have made, and we are going to follow and respect it irrespective of how much it kills us from inside" She Reminded herself the exact words her father had uttered. A loud blaring sound slashed through her ears, She knew what it meant. It meant that the enemy was close to the King, now it was her task to reach there and to protect him or another wait of a century would be wasted. In every century there comes this one year where they get to fight the werewolves three times in that year, whoever wins two fights wins the reign for next century. Despite whatever her ancestors had done hundred centuries ago they never won the Charge. They wait every century for this one year and this time they are going to win because she is going to make sure of it. That's the pledge of her existence, that is her duty to make sure that they receive the equality they have been deprived of the last hundred and more centuries ago. The sound illuminated through her ears once again, this time louder. Completing the task at hand she rushed towards the center of the battle ground where she knew that the werewolf king and the hunter king, her father must be fighting. Just when she was close enough to the place, an amazing smell wafted through her nose. Her entire existence froze for a moment as she tried to breathe in more of that vanilla ecstasy. Damned! Out of all the time I had to find my mate in the damn battleground. She cursed under her breath. She was happy that she had finally found her mate, but she could do with the whole introduction, interaction after this war. If her mate was in the war ground, then he must be one of her own tribes so the process could be prolonged or could wait at least for this battle to finish. Ignoring the smell, she rushed towards the part of the war ground where she saw her father on the ground unarmed and a back towards her, The werewolf king. He had not even shifted into a wolf as he towered over her father. The closer she got to him the stronger the smell wafted into her nose. A part of her howled in agony to forget everything and to rush into her mate’s arms but she locked the part away. Just when the werewolf king, Dimitri's was about to attack her father, she rushed in between pushing Him on the ground. Her sword was already pointing at his heart when the terrible realization dawned on her. Dimitri's was her mate. A Part of her that she had locked away howled at the current scenario. She did not want to and yet she still wanted to look at him and after a lot of mental battle, she did it. His eyes were grey pools of cold, With honey coloured freckles of warmth. His face look like Adonis himself had created him, just like himself. His brown colour hair was tossed at the side that now felt carelessly on his upper forehead. And the way he was looking at her it made her want to forget everything that she had worked hard and pledged for and just run into his arms. Dimitri Watched this girl, who had saved Adrian and came between his path of revenge. He knew who she was, everybody in the werewolf and the hunter arena did. She was Adrian's daughter, the future leader of the Hunter's tribe. She was dressed in black combat boots with black jeggings accompanied with a T-shirt, that she had an armor upon. Her hair were pulled into a nice ponytail at the back of her head and yet some of the golden brown locks were falling off to her face, Her brown eyes looked at him with an emotion that was driving him crazy. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Kill him" Adrian's voice broke his trance of thoughts. So many moments had passed and yet the two of them remained in the same position. She had her sword right above his heart and yet even if her father kept shouting into the background, she couldn't push the sword into his chest. His eyes were still focused on her when someone pushed her and she ended up tripping just beside him with her sword slashing her own arm as she hissed in pain. Dimitri growled, Shocking everyone as he growled on his beta who had pushed her. Before the two of them could react or do anything, a loud horn went off. This was the indication of the end of the war. The next war would supposedly happen in next four months. "FUCK" Adrian hissed. Dimitri Watched as Adrian pulled Tesha up by her injured arm, Unbothered as she hissed in pain when he held at her wound. He dragged her away from the battleground as she did not even Try to make him remove his hand from her wound, her blood tripped off all over the battleground making a path of them leaving. It took all of his self-control to stop himself from rushing there killing Adrian and claiming her. He was still laying on the ground watching as she turned around looking into his eyes one more time before disappearing MORE