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I'm An Alpha Now

I'm An Alpha Now



Author : The_Vampire_Hybrid

Publisher : rnovel365


Abused, bullied, rejected and exiled from her home, Catherine Rose, decided that she was going show them one day. She was going to become an Alpha too and she was going to make sure that they regretted everything they've ever done to her. ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ She meets a few new friends along the way that help her learn to trust again. A reunion with her old pack proves just how much she's grown and how wrong the pack had been to cast her out. Now, she was an Alpha and she was untouchable. But would Richard Hunt, her ex mate, be able to make her forgive him? Or was all lost for the both of them? ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ MORE