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I Wish To Die Peacefully

I Wish To Die Peacefully



Author : LCScarlett

Publisher : rnovel365


Ava had been picked up from the street and taken into the Krauser Dukedom to temporarily replace the family's lost daughter. That was supposed to be the scenario however, with the death of the Duchess and her will to have Ava adopted, things had gotten out of hand and she ended up as a member of the family only by name. Seven years had passed and Ava had endured a hard life living amongst her three adoptive brothers, a dismissive Father and servants who never saw her as the Lady of the house. When the Dukedom was sent into a whirl of events with the sudden passing of the Duke, the eldest son, with the support of his brothers, carried on the duties that their late father left. However, Ava was not part of any of it. She had never been part of anything around her for the past seven years. She lived as if she wasn't there, just like the way everyone wanted her to, until one day, she literally got forgotten. Suffering from sickness, she was neglected by the servants for more than a week and almost ended up dead in her own room. The third brother suddenly coming home without notice was the person who was able to save her from death. But Ava, after her experience at death's door, made a conclusion. Death wasn't a very bad thing; it was but a moment of pain until she would be free from everything. Her adoptive family did not care about her and she had no reason to keep on living. She was convinced that her death would not be mourned by anyone... Thus began Ava's struggle to get herself killed. So why is it that the people around her started behaving differently after witnessing her attempts at suicide? All of a sudden, Ava notices the changes in her useless and mundane life starting with the Healer who wanted to save her and the three brothers who tormented her childhood, but it was only after a peculiar meeting with a certain girl who claims to be her in a past life that Ava began to reform her plan to die. "I am not changing my objective. I still want to die. Thus, let us die someday, but only from old age... Yes... Let us die peacefully..." Embarking on a journey armed with the information that her former self gave her, Ava begins her plan to leave the Duchy, reclaim her life and live far, far away from the Krauser Dukedom. There, she would spend every day of her life growing a vegetable patch in a tranquil countryside and die a peaceful death as an old woman by the porch of a beloved little house. But is it really that easy for things to go Ava's way? MORE