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Science Fiction


Author : Victoria

Publisher : rnovel365


Power series Book 1 "you have gone all soft like a girl. Do consider the gender exchanging operation after this." "Domenic don't, you kill her, you kill me." "what?" dropping the gun, he looked at Angelo in confusion. Angelo sighed, "we have a tiny bit of problem here. The serum has been activated." Domenic frowned, "what do you mean by activated? It wasn't supposed to be..." He paused trailing off before something clicked in his mind, "Wait a minute. You b*st*rd, you couldn't keep it in your pants! You had to go and mate with... With..." "with what?" Angelo challenged with an eyebrow raised. _________________________ With the rise of new nations after the third world war and the thirst of power and supremacy, Katrina unknowingly gets involved in the rivalry between the two supreme powers. Buying a lover wasn't new in Wursha, but she didn't know that she buying a lover for herself would make her a beautiful hindrance in a dangerous mission. But what if, he was cold towards her and didn't treat her the way she thought? what if he showed interest in someone else, other than her? Add an experienced powerful lady set out to snatch Katrina's lover from her, into the scene. With lies, players, betrayal, jealousy, secrets, greed, lust, love, heart breaks and power, will Katrina survive the pre-war activities? Will she ever find love? Or will she die in a corner with a broken heart? Life of a person and power of a nation can never be fair. While the thirst for power goes around, will Katrina be safe and sound in his arms? ___________________________ Thanks for clicking onto my book. Give it a chance and you won't repent it, trust me. It's a romedy/action/thriller/sci-fi The story develops a bit slowly. But as it goes, the fun starts. 2020 © Victoria MORE