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Author : KingMoha

Publisher : rnovel365


Set in the northern part of Nigeria, this story practically revolves around the relationship between two culturally different persons and the challenges they faced in getting the approval of their parents in their inter-tribal marriage. Manal Usman is 21 years old and has just finished her NYSC program. She's the daughter of Usman Maidoki, the district head of Unguwan Doki. Her father is widely known for his tribalism and prejudice, thus no one in their family is allowed to marry someone outside their ethnicity, Hausa. Idris Abdulmalik is a 28-year-old Pharmacist working with one of the public hospitals in Kano. His mother is Igala from Kogi State and his father is Nupe from Niger State. They have been living in Kano for nearly two decades now. This story is purely a work of fiction, any resemblance to an actual event is a mere coincidence. Read more by adding this book to your library. Thank you. MORE