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Izuku midoriya : john wicks prodigy

Izuku midoriya : john wicks prodigy



Author : Siru_325

Publisher : rnovel365


In a world where super heroes and villains fight everyday. the quirkless don't stand a chance. but that never stopped John wick from becoming the deadliest mercenary ever. some say he is the bogeymans bogeyman. but theres always a limit to how much violence a man can take. and johns hit that limit 3 times. he moved to japan. fell in love with a divorced mother. inko midoriya. and became a step father to 2 year old izuku. he was happy with his new life. he taught izuku after the age of 4 after an incident to be able to defend himself. to be a mercenary. to be...john wick. he taught and trained izuku to the point that izuku became even more skilled than wick himself at the age of 12 and izukus high iq meant that he was a wick with the brains. izukus love for heroism never changed. it only got stronger. will he make it to UA with out one for all?? will he become the worlds first quirkless hero? find out next time on dreagon ba- shit wrong anime find out next time on my hero academia MORE