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Last Laugh

Last Laugh



Author : QudrahAdam

Publisher : rnovel365


♡Book two of the local wife series♡ Manal is a beautiful woman who Is in her early twenties. she is the wife of Cairo, A rude and Arrogant man who sees manal as nothing but a domestic worker, though she is wife. He dislikes her because of her incapability to behave modern, she is local and illogical, She has bad table manners and she is very lousy. Because of manals great level of illiteracy, Cairo gets married to a woman who is as thought by him 'HIS STATUS'. Follow manal into her journey of life as a local illiterate woman. The moon was so bright, it shined into my eyes like a twinkling star. Oh moon, I envy you so much. * * * * "manal, how dare you tell Mr smart that you are my wife?" Cairo grabbed me roughly by my arm. "Because I am" I said through gritted teeths. "you are not, and don't you dare speak back at me!" his tone held so much venom, I could feel my eyes burn from the tears that threatened to spill. "Let go of my hand Cairo" I pushed his arm off me while staring into his daring eyes. "Whether you like it or not, I am your wife and nothing else. Just like Hadiza, I am the same as her to you Cairo, And I am your first wife" my voice held courage which I never knew I had, I am sick and tired of being pushed around. "You are not, I don't accept you" he pushed me and the last thing I saw was darkness, just like my world. * * * * Just a sneak peek of what to expect. Add to your library. MORE