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Author : Rnovel58267160

Publisher : rnovel365


"Love is needing someone, Love is putting up with someone bad attitudes because they somehow complete you" Semiloore yelped as she lost her footing and came crashing down on the grass but instead she landed neatly into Nathaniel's laps freezing her. From the first day he saw her, his brain told him she was trouble and the days that followed had proved it but........ he liked this trouble.... Semiloore and Tamiloore Ajayi is definitely not your kind of typical twins. Although very identical and pretty, there is a vast difference in their characters;Tamiloore is quiet, gentle and smiles a lot earning her a lot of friends when they join Oxford College, Semiloore isn't hot tempered but has a reputation of being foul mouthed which earned her enemies even on her first day, although Semiloore is foul mouthed:she's actually a nice and thoughtful girl. Nathaniel Oladele is a cute and extremely hot guy which makes everygirl swoon over him not excluding his seniors;but Nathaniel is a very picky person and doesn't talk to everyone;as for him Semiloore is annoying and her attitudes are "unladylike" What will happen when Nathaniel notices he had unconsciously grew feelings for the girl he once called her attitudes unladylike? MORE