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Lost Soul

Lost Soul



Author : EllyPig

Publisher : rnovel365


Barkada Series 1: Aiden Travis Andrews Barkada means frienship in Tagalog (Philippine language) Despite being the youngest of the Group. Aiden Travis Andrews is an effective CEO. In work, he is strict and a perfectionist but in the eyes of his friends he is still their grumpy immature youngest friend. The Day he met Gift Amethyst Valleros was the day he knew he found his confidant. Everything was perfect. He loves her as much as she loves him. Until a tragic event happens that changes the life of the perfect CEO. Behind close doors is a broken, lost, and confuse man with a shattered heart. The past and the pressure from his family makes him want to give up. That's when a newfound light shined. But the young CEO only see the darkness. Will the light successfully make him find his way and guide his lost soul home? ___ Trigger warning: Suicide and depression. MORE