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Love Is Not A Fairytale

Love Is Not A Fairytale



Author : rosereads

Publisher : rnovel365


He wrapped his hands around my throat and pushed me to the ground. I gasped as a sharp pain ran through my body. Just as I caught on to what was happening and was about to retort he caught my arm and pulled me up, pinning me harshly against the wall. He held my hands on either side of my head with his and I winced in pain and cried out. "Quiet! " he yelled as I bit my tongue trying not to cry. Who the hell did he think he was? I struggled in his grip, his grip tightening with my every move. "Arnav stop!" I groaned. "No. You, you are the reason Ranjana has left me. This is what you always wanted right? You are a curse. Everyone is correct, you are useless, all you do is mess things up. Ranjana left me because of you; because of you, damnit!" he let go of me and stepped back. I took in a deep breath and clenched my jaw, raising my hand to slap him but he was quicker. He grabbed ahold of my wrist and backed me up against the wall, his hands holding mine, not allowing me to move, "Don't you dare try to hit me and don't even think about taking her place. Just because you look like her, does not make you her, understood? If you have come here thinking you'll be loved and taken care of, you are so wrong. The next thing you will be doing is begging for me to leave you. I promise you Ms. Sanjana Kapoor, you will pay for this. You will regret living every moment of your life from now on and when you cannot take it anymore, I will shove you down a darker hole." he let go off my wrist as I hissed in pain, my eyes instantly trailing down to the scratches and red spots on my wrist. His nails had dug into my wrists causing blood to ooze out of each mark.I tightened my grip on my hand and pressed my lips together in pain. With teary eyes I looked up at him and snapped, "You're an asshole! I have nothing to do with Ranjana di running away. And if you think I am stupid enough to want to marry a man like you even after knowing you hated my guts, you are crazy! I did this only for both our families. You are sick! And you don't make me regret being alive but you definitely make me regret not killing you." "Lower your voice… now." he seethed, his voice a tinge louder than mine. I looked away, scoffing. He had to be joking. He roughly placed his hand under my chin and pulled it up to meet his gaze. “Strip... " my eyes widened at his words. Hell no! "Love is not a fairytale dear; it never was. You don't get what you want in love.” my mother's voice rang in my ears. MORE