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Loved by the billionaire

Loved by the billionaire



Author : Marie B

Publisher : rnovel365


Hazel Kennels, most outstanding feature,her orbs. With a life mission to simply care for her last family on earth,she accepts working in the most awkward way with a billionaire just before everything she's lived for is taken away from her. She finds herself delving into another sector of life she never expected herself to. ~•~ "You're still here?" She asked. Empathy welled up in me like a raging beast as my gaze met her red rimmed one,my chest tightened as her cracked voice met my ears. "Yes I am" I said lowly but she just looked away. She clearly didn't want me to see her like this. "Look,I understand-" I tried to say or at least soothe her. "No"she said in kind of a whisper. "No you don't" "Okay,I agree that I don't but we need to get you a place before this gets anyworse" I said. ~•~ Ryan Alistair,all so mighty billionaire falls at meets his ends as his father who forces all too many decisions on his life, pulls at his strings again. He scrambles to the most hilarious way of getting out of the mess,getting himself an intense break up from a hired girlfriend. MORE