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Lover Imprisoned In My House

Lover Imprisoned In My House



Author : Bella Noyes

Publisher : rnovel365


At the first meeting, she escaped into his car in order to avoid chasing and killing her, and he kindly saved her for a while. Originally thought it was just an accidental intersection, but who would have thought that fate would joke with her time and time again, and desperately desperate to rely on this man. "Boss, my house is burned, I have nowhere to go now!" She stood at the door, crying with tears. With a helpless look on his face, he let her in, turned his back but showed a successful smile. A few months later, she leaned on her waist and cried to death: "I want to check out! I want to sleep in the street!" He curled his lips and smiled: "Okay, let's pay the rent." She was angry: "There is no death for money!" He turned over and pressed her down: "I don't want your life, sell yourself to pay off the debt!" MORE