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Loving Mrs. Adler

Loving Mrs. Adler



Author : Naru

Publisher : rnovel365


When a college student Avery met a young professor Quinn, she found a woman who is beautiful, kind, sophisticated but also intimidating as they interacted. She was attracted to the young professor not knowing that later on Quinn would be one of her college instructors. Her little crush was developed and her feelings got deeper. Avery's irresistible charm, confidence and wise captured Quinn's attention. She hates to admit that she also like her student. They have the same feelings. It looks perfect and easy for them but Tiffany is already engaged. The main conflict is how would Quinn accept and have a gut to face her real feeling for Avery? And what about her fiancé? Also, Quinn is the best friend of Avery’s older sister Ana. It shows that age is just a number and it doesn’t really matter in a relationship. Also, it reminds us that we’re always enough for someone who accepted and loves us so don’t let your own thoughts degrade you and be insecure. MORE