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Loving You

Loving You



Author : Supriya

Publisher : rnovel365


This is the sequel of the story, "Enslaved". This story is about the life of Ronnie's and Caitlin's daughter Susan. Susan is in college now. She lives with her possessive and caring elder brother, Travis. Travis doesn't want her little sister to date anyone, being afraid that her heart might break if she choose the wrong guy. Susan loves her brother a lot and so she didn't date anyone till now. But one day the most popular guy in her college confessed to her. She likes him and wana date him but she knows that her brother won't allow. What will she do? Bella's and Andrew's twins, daughter, Grace and son, Michael is also all grown up too. Grace and Travis are together. As for Michael, he is in love with Susan but couldn't confess to her, afraid that she won't share the same feelings and their friendship will get affected. What will happen? Will Susan find her true love? Will she be happy forever? Will Michael get his love? Will Travis allow Michael's love for Susan? MORE