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Author : Kajal Udhani

Publisher : rnovel365


After harsh and violent events that happened in past, she completely lost my faith in relationships: love and friendship both. She spent her last couple of years happily by herself and a very few people she trusted. Most of the people thought she was arrogant and self-centred and she was completely okay with that. But then a realisation hit her hard, because of couple of bad people she can't stop trusting everyone. So, for a change she needed a new and fresh kick start. She transferred to another college in last year of her graduation. She loved the feeling of new and raw start. fresh people , fresh environment and a lot better vibes. This is where the story starts... She was walking towards her class, hrough the busy corridor just when I saw a him siting on the very first bench of Lr. 19, she saw his fair skin, his jawline, a face with a smile talking to someone on his left. Her heart skipped a beat. She was petrified. He turned his face towards her while she was still standing few steps from the door of the class. He smiled. And she realised he was not the one she had a crush on but indeed he looked almost like her crush. After 6 months... The boy she saw is her only true and dearest friend in this college... After about a year, Things change so fast and harshly that we don't even get time to understand the circumstances. The change breaks you.. It hurts but hurt eventually makes you stronger. Read to find out what really happened in the last year of her graduation.... MORE