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Mafia's Captive

Mafia's Captive



Author : Megan Skyle

Publisher : rnovel365


Fight of dominance between two equals, What happens when the a Mafia gang leader's son falls for his revel police commissioner's Daughter ? Mark Martin: A gang leader son and brother of a Mafia leader. Cruel, Obsessive, possessive and dangerous. A human devil. If he like anything he wants it under his feet. A thing and person both are same for him. Scarlett Matt Jones: Commissioner's (COP) Daughter, A bubbly girl, loves her family, She belongs to a rich family. Her parents pamper her alot. A full pack of happiness. What happens when a cute angel mess up with Mafia's brother? what happens when the living monster decide to seek revenge and complete his lust? Will she able to fight against him? Will his Devil heart melt after meeting the angel? Or His devilish deeds will spoil the angels heart? A Story deals with flames of lust which is followed by cold revenge ? MORE