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Make Me (MxM)

Make Me (MxM)



Author : Amnesiane

Publisher : rnovel365


Warning: This book is NOT suitable for people who can be triggered by: - VIOLENCE - SEX - BLOOD - GORE - NOT VANILLA SCENES...KHMM, children please leave - Sexual relations between two men After 18 rough years, Seth is finally living on his own, in college and with a paying job, yet the shadows of his past do not let him rest. Devoured by his need for vengeance and justice, he attracts a demon to his side, who tricks him into selling his soul to him. Jude's seductive and controlling nature quickly turns Seth's life upside down, and though the boy is strong-headed and thought himself to be dominant, he finds himself enthralled by the demon more than he would like to admit. Follow the steamy and twisted story, as the two pair up to get Seth's revenge, and fight over the control above one another. MORE