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Married To Divorce

Married To Divorce



Author : Carol Lovette

Publisher : rnovel365


Married to Divorce, Carol Lovette Emotions are an equal reaction to how we react to the world. Isaac King, the only Ruler and Heir Of The World is the Wealthiest, Luxurious, Powerful, and Multi-Billions business over the ages of the 'King Empire'. The Name "King" resembled Luxury and Power. He Was More than A Multi-billionaire. He had everything Except Love, family, and a place to call home. He has an Attractive, Ingenious, Bellicostic, and Intimidating personality. He had only one goal, "To get revenge on her and her family". Charlotte William is a daughter of Nicholas William, and a demure personality. She has never known what the family is like until she got married to him. He gave her everything she wanted, from love to family. She was deeply in love with him when her dream crashed with his dark reality. Will, he ever get her back? Will, she ever be able to love him again? MORE