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Mistaken Marriage With Your Brother

Mistaken Marriage With Your Brother



Author : Carey Betty

Publisher : rnovel365


She married the adopted son for her younger sister. He married the second lady of her family for his younger brother. As a result, a wrong marriage. On the day of the wedding, she stared at the elder brother-in-law who was approaching step by step. "What are you, what are you doing! Go out, I'm your younger brother’s wife!" "Younger brother’s wife?" He undressed while moved forward. "Wife, are you sure?" After one night, she inexplicably became the envy of everyone, and lived a happy life of "sexuality" every night. "No more tonight..." she was holding her waist, looked at the man who came by in horror. The man smiled evilly and stepped closer. "No what?" "No...well..." his road of doting his wife began. MORE