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My Beanie Girl

My Beanie Girl



Author : Ginika Meade

Publisher : rnovel365


Most people have a hard time letting themselves love than finding someone to love them" Meet Irene Bailey, kinda awkward, has her face stuck to a screen almost every time, talks to herself and always, always wears a beanie. She moves to a new town in other to start things afresh, and scale through Highschool unnoticed and alone. Meet Arvin Alexandar, the popular boy, rich, handsome, every girl's dream and every boy's model. With his killer blue eyes and charming attitude, Arvin always gets what he wants. Arvin doesn't do flings and hook ups, he's searching for something real. Something substantial. Something challenging. Something more cherishing than his cars. Something he finds in the eyes of the new girl who talks to herself and always wears a beanie. With the school's hottest boy interested in her, Irene's quite, boring, gaming and withdrawn life is about to take a ride on a rollercoaster. Irene isn't interested and Arvin isn't taking no for an answer. MORE