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My Girl

My Girl



Author : AnishaxAhsinashi

Publisher : rnovel365


Usually, they say don't mess with the seniors especially when he held the whole authority of your life. For you, life is a fairy tale until you start college. And once you start your college life, your dreamland would have to come to end or else someone would put end cards by force. College is where friends turned out to be complete strangers and outsiders become friends. New life, new attitude and new personalities gradually come to eat you when you become the target of the most popular guy in the college. It may lead your life to heaven or worst to hell. Here what she might be destined to get? ~~~ Sheila is an Indian girl who belongs to the rural society has a very happy life with her family. She is not allowed to have any boyfriend, that's how her parents raised her as it's their culture but she was very determined to find her wellwisher. But her life turned upside down when she got the chance to study in one of the famous college 'St. Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering' in India. Harry whose life is full of secret, is not fond of any new friendships. He always stand away when it comes to new people but he has a valid reason behind his attitude. Karl, he has the power to control everything especially everyone in the college. He rules everyone including his seniors too. He gets everything with the snap of his finger. He is the another meaning of arrogant who never fails to make anyone's life miserable. What will happen when these three peoples are destined to meet in different circumstances. Who will have her at the end? Read the story and find out. ----------------------------------------- MORE