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My Guilty Pleasure

My Guilty Pleasure



Author : _IronLady_

Publisher : rnovel365


I worked my whole life to escape from the pain and the scars of the past. I’ve run away from things and buried myself into my work just so I wouldn’t be mad. However, madness consumed me when I met him. I was crazy for sure. I was crazy for going into that club that night. I was crazy for letting him talk to me the way he did. I was absolutely bonkers for letting him into my life and eventually my heart. I was never supposed to fall for someone like him. He was the best definition of a jerk. I was never supposed to trust him, to let him so close. Because he brought nothing but bad news. But on the way, he showed me how to survive, how to become stronger, fiercer… He was my guilty pleasure and I would always find a way to come back to him... ************************** - I know you want me. Don't deny it... - I closed my eyes enjoying his touch which is absolutely wrong. I'm not supposed to feel this, not from him. His hand followed the path along my thigh, leaving a tingling sensation in places where he touched me. I bit my lip preventing myself from moaning. It's bad enough I can't move away from him, he doesn't have to know how he makes me feel. - No... - I tried to refuse but my voice came out deep, sensual... I've never felt like this with anyone. - Yes... You want me... You don't have to hide it, Desiree... Just this once, then I'll leave you alone, I promise. I can't get you out of my mind Desiree... Your lips, your eyes, face, body... At nights your face doesn't give me peace... I want you, here, now! - he leaned in slowly, till his lips were inches away. Then he brought his lips to mine in a kiss full of passion and lust. MORE