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My Heartbreak Experiences

My Heartbreak Experiences



Author : Rnovel28921664

Publisher : rnovel365


The story is about a lady who grew up with her mother. She never felt the love of a father because her father was not beside her since birth and she was growing until she reached her age now. Her mom raised her alone without the help of her father. The lady who experienced different kinds of heartbreak. But she believes that one day he will meet the right man in God’s perfect time. Her heartbreak experiences will lead her to real man for her, her destiny. The world of lovers is getting smaller and smaller inside the world of their family’s wealth. It is not that so easy having wealth and become famous like their families, they can do anything just to protect their pride and reputation publicly. Definitely, you will do everything to take care of it. Gwen grew up living a simple life, not that poor and not that rich, just a middle class. She was just a simple lady who wants to love and beloved. She was about to lose her hope because of heartbreaks she experienced, but someone came up to lighten up her the dark side of her heart. The man who will love her until death do, they part, until their second life comes their love for each other will remain. MORE