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My Superhero Daddy

My Superhero Daddy



Author : Carey Betty

Publisher : rnovel365


Waking up overnight, her father married another woman, and her boyfriend betrayed her. When the family fell apart, a distinguished man broke into her world. "Either hand over the child or let’s meet in court!" he forced her to the corner. What child? She didn't know where she was going to get him a child. However, when she married into the wealthy family and became a wife, she found out that she actually gave birth to his child five years ago... What’s more, he is not only her husband's prospective brother-in-law but also her son's father. This relationship is totally messed up!! One day, the cute little boy was so angry that his mouth puffed up, "Daddy, are you gay? You are almost 30 years old! You can have no girlfriend, but I can't live without Mommy!" Every day, the little boy worked so hard to let his Daddy and Mommy sleep together... MORE