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My Type of a Bad Boy

My Type of a Bad Boy



Author : justBetty25

Publisher : rnovel365


"Are you always such a dork?" I ask, as I continue to examine his room. "What makes you think I'm a dork?" He asks, amused. "I don't know, you just are," I say. He chuckles and the sound brings a smile to my face Snap out of it, Rossita. He's not your type. --- In Rossita Jenkins's world, there was only one boy who seemed to fit the role of her bad boy type and somewhere along the line, she gets lucky and starts dating him. She meets Prinse Gomes, a boy who to the naked eye seems to not be her type, but somehow ever since he arrived, her world has been a rollercoaster. And just when she thought she knew what she wanted in life, her heart seems to be fighting a battle between which boy she should be with. MORE