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My Wolf

My Wolf



Author : NATSUME1988

Publisher : rnovel365


Zahra Ramirez, son of Don Kristoff Ramirez - a very wealthy, powerful and influential Mafia Leader in Italy. He love his life and family as he hate the attention it gives. But he wanted and dreamed to be normal. His father love him and just wanted him to be happy, so he decided to let him live in America. That's where he met Lester Blackwood. A handsome jock. He become captivated and entranced. And each passing day he can feel himself falling for him. But the problem is, he is a dude. He never felt attracted to guys before and he can't explain the sudden attraction that he felt for him. But he discovered something about him that change his life and everything he knows... Can he accept him wholly or would he rather live his life normally as what he wanted it to be? MORE