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Never say Never

Never say Never



Author : Amber_XY

Publisher : rnovel365


I'm locked away in the basement, I've been here for two days straight,no food, no water,no light. JUST DARKNESS. The only time I see light is when my uncle comes in here to beat me senseless,blaming me for my misfortune. I hear his footsteps, they are getting closer and closer,I close my eyes hoping that once I open them I'll be with my parents,but no. My parents are dead and gone. I hear the sound of the keys,the keys that open the door to my death,the keys that bring me misfortune and in a heartbeat the door is pushed open.   "You bastard,I was hoping that you would have given up on life just like your foolish parents" he says,his voice filled with so much hatred making my chest sting a little, he walks towards me and stand directly in front of me, giving me a blinding slap that sends me crashing on the mud filled floor of the basement.   "Ple...please stop" I beg him with the last ounce of strength in me but my pleas fall onto deaf ears,deaf with hatred and jealousy.   "I'll make sure this is the last time i see you,Bolaji's,the last time. I never want to see you again" he spits with so much bitterness, beating me with all his strength, till my body can no longer take the assault.         Few years later "Mr Bolaji, a particular man is looking for a job but has no idea what kind of job we handle here" my secretary tells me. "Send him in" I tell him,immediately dismissing him from my office. Few minutes later a tattered looking man walks inside my office,his clothes look like an ancient clothing material that Albert Einstein once made use of.   "Good day sir,I'm looking for a job and I'll like to apply for a job here,I really need the money for my family,please help me" he pleads and I give him a light chuckle,immediately recognizing him,he hasn't changed at all,the only difference is he is in need and he is begging for help,ten years ago I begged him for help. Someone made it clear that he never wanted to lay his eyes on me few years ago and he crawled right into my office.    "You are?" I ask,trying to be sure of who I am dealing with.   "Olamide...Olamide Adeyemi" he says, yeup,definitely him.   "Have a sit, Olamide" I tell him with a light smirk. THIS WILL DEFINITELY BE A FUN RIDE.  MORE