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New girl at blackwell

New girl at blackwell



Author : Bittersweet

Publisher : rnovel365


What happened when max introduces Mr Jefferson to her friend petal the embodiment of purity and innocence. Petal is a 17 year old on the verge of 18. She's deemed perfect by Mark when he first meets her. Petal live with her nana annie, her papa Al and her big sister Lana whos 18. Petal has always dreamed of being a model for some big shots. She's like a poseable doll, she can hold a pose for minutes on end, She's very cutesy, adorable. But she might not be as perfect as Mark planned. What happens when Mark finds out about her parents, what landed her living with her grandparents, or how deep her damage runs. Read to find out. Mature. This will contain smut, drugs, addiction, forms of abuse,strong language, some underaged love, teacher x student, dependence on a loved one, hospital scenes, Nathan being an all around dick, Victoria being a bitch, mama bear Chloe, girl x girl romance. This is not a book if you get triggered easily. You have been warned please be kind if you use a slur against the lgbtq+ community you will be blocked and reported. MORE